Things to Consider Before Adopting a Greyhound

Although greyhounds are the best dogs in the entire world (we are not biased at all), they are not the right fit for everyone. The adoption application and in-home are important parts of the adoption process in order to increase the chances that greyhounds are placed into a home that fits them well. Even taking these precautions, some greyhounds are returned.

The reasons for these returns are often valid, but sometimes they are preventable. Allies for Greyhounds works hard to find returned greyhounds a second forever home. However, in order to prevent future returns, we encourage potential adopters to make sure adopting a retired racer is the right step for them.

So, before you fill the adoption application out….

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Book: Adopting Racing Greyhound

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  • Are you aware of the financial responsibilities that come along with dog ownership? Are you able to afford preventative medications, well and sick vet visits, dog boarding, food, accessories?
  • Is your living situation conducive to owning a dog/greyhound? Do you have a fenced in yard, or an area to leash walk? What if you need to move in the future, will you be able to find dog friendly housing?
  • Is a greyhound a good fit for your household members (human and non-human), are all members open to the idea? 
  • Do you have the time for a dog? Greyhounds are low energy, however, they too require upkeep and attention in order to maintain health and happiness.
  • Are you ready for a long term commitment? Greyhounds live 10-14 years, and often are retired around 2-3 years old. Where will you be in 10 years, does a greyhound still fit into your life?
  • Are you comfortable using muzzles, crates, and other preventative measures for your dogs health and safety?2012-09-01 12.45.16
  • Are you ok with a little bit of (fur, slobber, whining, chewing, counter surfing, etc.). Greyhounds are wonderful, but they are not perfect. Are you willing to make the commitment to work through the low points of dog ownership in order to enjoy the high points?
  • Are you open to contacting Allies with questions or concerns?


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