It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that the Allies Family is growing!

Recently we were asked to absorb another greyhound adoption group, Second Chance. There are some within this group that know and/ or have worked with Second Chance, so while it is unfortunate the group could not go on, we do have the pleasure of accepting all of the adopters into our greyhound family.

You will be seeing new faces and new hounds attending events, so let’s all make them feel at home and welcome them to AFG.

If you are a Second Chance adopter, please send us a message through our Facebook Page or Website and we will get you added to our Facebook Closed Group.

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Annual Shirt Sale!

Hi Everyone!

Here is our yearly shirt sale! We have many to select from this year! These are going to be pre-order only to avoid us ending up with a lot of unsold shirts. Pre-ordering will be open until April 15, 2017. Shirts will be available for pick up at Spring Fling on May 13, 2017 or can be arranged for pick up or mailing after Spring Fling. Sizes available are Small-5X.  

Please email your order to and include your name, address and phone number along with which shirts you want and in what size. Also please add how you plan to get your shirts whether you are going to get them at Spring Fling or otherwise. Please feel free to comment any additional questions. Thanks!!

Spring Fling Shirt Green – $15
Spring Fling Shirt Olive – $15
AFG Logo Shirt Red – $12
AFG Logo Shirt Brown – $12
AFG Logo Shirt Long Sleeve Blue – $20
AFG Logo Ladies V-Neck Pink – $15
AFG Logo Ladies Polo Sage – $20
AFG Logo Mens Polo Navy – $20

*** Please note the Ladies shirts (V-Neck & Polo) tend to run small so we recommend you go up a size in those specific shirts***

 Spring Fling 2017 TShirt OliveSpring Fling 2017 TShirt

Red TShirt AFG

Cocoa Tshirt AFG

Long Sleeve AFG

Ladies Maroon Tshirt AFG

Ladies Polo AFG

Polo AFG

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AFG Donate December 2016

:It is Donate December at AFG!

Want some last minute tax deductible donations for 2016 that will go to a bunch of special hounds?

Here are some options:

** There are items that we use on a daily basis at the adoption kennel and during the monthly kennel cleanings. If you visit one of the local meet and greets, please think about donating one of the items on the list. The items will not go to waste that’s for sure. Please feel free to share our list with family and friends!  Just click on the link below:

AFG Kennel Needs

**AFG is doing something new this year. For a donation of $10 or more, you will be able to “virtually” adopt one of the retired racers we have available for adoption. Your name will appear on the website as a sponsor for the hound of your choice for the holidays.

Virtually Adopt a Greyhound


Greyhounds make awesome pets and we want everybody to be able to enjoy a retired racing Greyhound! So take a look at the wonderful hounds that we have available for adoption and sponsor one today. ::

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Allies For Greyounds

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Sponsor an AFG Hound for the Holidays

It is Donate December at AFG!

Want a last minute tax deductible donation for 2015 that will go to a bunch of special hounds? 

AFG is doing this again for December.  For a donation of $10 or more, you will be able to “virtually” adopt one of the retired racers we have available for adoption. Your name will appear on the website as a sponsor for the hound of your choice for the holidays.

Greyhounds make awesome pets and we want everybody to be able to enjoy a retired racing Greyhound! So take a look at the wonderful hounds that we have available for adoption and sponsor one today

Donate online today!

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Things to Consider Before Adopting a Greyhound

Although greyhounds are the best dogs in the entire world (we are not biased at all), they are not the right fit for everyone. The adoption application and in-home are important parts of the adoption process in order to increase the chances that greyhounds are placed into a home that fits them well. Even taking these precautions, some greyhounds are returned.

The reasons for these returns are often valid, but sometimes they are preventable. Allies for Greyhounds works hard to find returned greyhounds a second forever home. However, in order to prevent future returns, we encourage potential adopters to make sure adopting a retired racer is the right step for them.

So, before you fill the adoption application out….

Allies For Greyhounds FAQ About Section

Greyhound Facts

Book: Adopting Racing Greyhound

Book: Greyhounds for Dummies

  • Are you aware of the financial responsibilities that come along with dog ownership? Are you able to afford preventative medications, well and sick vet visits, dog boarding, food, accessories?
  • Is your living situation conducive to owning a dog/greyhound? Do you have a fenced in yard, or an area to leash walk? What if you need to move in the future, will you be able to find dog friendly housing?
  • Is a greyhound a good fit for your household members (human and non-human), are all members open to the idea? 
  • Do you have the time for a dog? Greyhounds are low energy, however, they too require upkeep and attention in order to maintain health and happiness.
  • Are you ready for a long term commitment? Greyhounds live 10-14 years, and often are retired around 2-3 years old. Where will you be in 10 years, does a greyhound still fit into your life?
  • Are you comfortable using muzzles, crates, and other preventative measures for your dogs health and safety?2012-09-01 12.45.16
  • Are you ok with a little bit of (fur, slobber, whining, chewing, counter surfing, etc.). Greyhounds are wonderful, but they are not perfect. Are you willing to make the commitment to work through the low points of dog ownership in order to enjoy the high points?
  • Are you open to contacting Allies with questions or concerns?


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Welcoming a Greyhound Into Your Home

Now that you have decided to take the plunge, you are checking off the steps towards bringing home your very own retired racer. You filled out your adoption application, scheduled your in-home, made a few visits to the local pet store for some items, and browsed the Allies For Greyhounds website figuring out which dog will become your new best friend.  You have been thinking, planning, and preparing for this day, and now it has finally come! What an exciting day for each new adopter!

Amongst the excitement, it is important to remember that these first weeks/months are an important transition period for your greyhound. Adopters new to greyhounds may have questions about their greyhound’s reaction to them and their new surroundings. It is important to remember that greyhounds have a unique upbringing full of structure and routine. If they are coming straight from the adoption kennel, the home environment is entirely unknown and may seem chaotic and unpredictable.


A greyhound’s perspective on coming home: Thoughts of a Greyhound

The First Week

The First Few Days In A Home

Although this article is not breed specific, the behavioral observations are spot on: 5 Common Mistakes Adopters make when bringing home a new dog. The way you introduce a greyhound to your home will have an impact on their comfort level, and set a foundation for training in the future. Some of the things people often do to make them comfortable (ex: showering them with hugs and kisses, giving unrestricted access to all areas of your home) may actually overwhelm them. 

Most of all, this is a time of learning and growing together. Mistakes may be made, but with time, patience, and good advice, you too will be well on your way to becoming an experienced greyhound owner!

Also, remember that Allies is a helpful community. Our closed facebook page for adopters is full of greyhound owners who love to answer questions and brainstorm solutions to any difficulties you may encounter.

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Proper Weight for a Greyhound

If I had a quarter for every time I am at a Meet and Greet and hear someone exclaim, “Look at those skinny dogs, you need to put some meat on them!” (or some variation thereof). The first time I saw a greyhound in person, I too was taken aback. Are their ribs really supposed to show like that?

It is important to remember that greyhounds are elite athletes, built to run, and run fast. Think about olympic sprinters, lots and lots of muscle, little fat. Starting to sound a bit like a greyhound!


It is a common misperception that a greyhound should put on 10-15 lbs in its retirement. If your greyhound looks like a lab, it is probably overweight. The sad reality is that ~52% of household pets in the US are obese, which leads to a multitude of health problems. A greyhound’s racing weight is often close to ideal (there is an exception to every rule of course!). To find out what your greyhound’s racing weight was, type their racing name into Greyhound Data.

If you have questions about your grey’s weight, the following article is an excellent resource, with pictures and detailed information: How To Know If Your Greyhound Is At The Proper Weight

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Getting to know your fearful greyhound.

When a potential adopter asks a greyhound owner to tell them about greyhounds, the answer inevitably involves some form of gushing on and on about how wonderful they are, and how they are just a little bit different from other dogs. Don’t get me wrong, greyhounds are dogs, but their physiology is different, their upbringing is unique, and they have a special way of entering your heart that is difficult to put into words!

One of the things I have enjoyed the most as an Allies’ volunteer is getting to know the new greyhounds as they arrive. Although they all have that wonderful “greyhoundness” to them, they are also very different. Each one has a personality to their own. It is so rewarding to see that personality unfold at meet and greets, in the kennel, and in a foster home. Some greys come right up to you, jumping, panting, and ready to play. Other greys quiver in the back of their crates, keeping as far from your hand as possible. What is the reason for such a wild difference in their behavior?

A common misperception is that these fearful greyhounds have been mistreated and therefore do not trust humans. However, there is a simple alternative explanation. Greyhounds, much like humans, have different personalities. Just like some humans have heightened levels of anxiety-  some greyhounds do too.

Here are a few articles that describe this phenomenon in detail:

Ideopathic Fear and Withdrawal In Greyhounds

Naturally Fearful Dogs

The exciting news, is there is a lot you can do with these fearful/anxious/shy/spooky greyhounds. With time, patience, desensitization, and treats you will have a loving, happy, and loyal greyhound on your hands.


If you think you might be a good fit for a shy greyhound , or just want more information, let us know!


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Roo In The ‘Zoo

Hello Allies Friends and Family!


Be sure to mark September 27th, 2015 on your calendars for Roo In The ‘Zoo hosted by Allies for Greyhounds at the Kalamazoo Kennel Club.

If you have adopted a greyhound, or are interested in the breed, come out and be with other Greyhound adopters in West Michigan. This is an event hosted by Greyhound owners for Greyhound enthusiasts/owners. Come out and enjoy the company of fellow adopters and of course meet their hounds!

If you are planning on attending, please bring a dessert to pass. There will be a few raffles, games and a dessert buffet. Plenty of fenced grassy area for the hounds and a nice facility on the inside to hang out in.

Having the event at the Kalamazoo Kennel Club has given us the opportunity to be inside AND outside if the weather is permitting. There are indoor bathrooms, a matted arena for you and your hounds to relax in, so don’t forget to bring blankets, ex-pens and lawn chairs. The facility has a functioning kitchen…which is AWESOME! Be on the lookout for more info.

We’ve created a special FB page just for this event so be sure to like it to stay up to date on the latest information!!!

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Greyhound Terms 101: ETS. Escaped Tongue Syndrome

Greyhound Terms 101: ETS

If you are new to greyhounds you might hear adopters using some strange words. Most of these terms refer to endearing yet quirky things that greyhounds do.

Today’s term is ETS, which stands for Escaped Tongue Syndrome, check the video out for plenty of great examples. ETS usually strikes when a greyhound is most relaxed and in their comfort zone.


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Coach Delacruz — Dela

Dela just retired to AFG after 92 races and graduating from The Greyhound Inmate Experience!  She is a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Dela be the hound for you?? Dela just entered foster care!  More info coming

Other Greyhounds

Pat C Cabernet — Cab
Rico’s Lucchese — Luke

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