C Ville Konrad

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Pet Name: Konrad
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Brindle
Birthday: April 3, 2014
Sire: Flying Coal City
Dam: Kristen Uhl
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: For our fellow needlenoses awaiting their forever homes, from your Texas cousins Duncan and Gigi (and their parents Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen).

Konrad has recently been returned to AFG.  We have discovered that Konrad is not that fond of the smaller humans, so he asks that his next home have human offspring that are a little older.  Konrad retired to AFG in 2018 after 105 races and after graduating from The Greyhound Inmate Experience!  Could this quirky pop tart be the companion you are looking for?

Konrad breaks the mold of the typical greyhound. Quirky is the best way to describe him. He does all the things greyhounds are supposed to do, but then does things they aren’t supposed to. For example: remember the section of the required reading where it talked about how greyhounds don’t typically bark? Well Konrad ripped that page out of the book and chewed it up. And then peed on it for good measure. With some guidance he will keep it to a minimum, but out in public he tends to bark at other dogs that he sees (greyhounds & non-greyhounds alike). When those dogs get close he settles down, but he likes to bark to let everyone know that he sees them. In that sense he almost acts like a bit of a guard dog being that he’ll bark and carry on when he hears noises outside of the house. It tends to catch people off guard since greys are usually pretty quiet so it might be intimidating at first.

He is a lovable guy that gets very excited. One of the reasons we recommend older kids is that he likes to play bite/pinch when he’s worked up. He can get a little rough so we could easily see him knocking a small kid over, or possibly scaring them from the “biting” that he does. The other main thing is that kids need to respect his space. While we have not had any issues with him when someone is close (humans or hounds), he gets that look of being slightly uneasy. He is one where we would not recommend him ever being allowed on the couch with you. If you are looking for a cuddle-bug of a hound then he wouldn’t be the right fit. While he understands that he is not allowed on the human furniture in the living room, he does get up on our dog couch in the adjacent room, so there’s been lots of correcting him and getting him down. Only to come back by 5 minutes later and see him back up on the couch. It’s part of his personality so you can’t get mad at him for it.

All in all Konrad has been a fun guy to have around. It is a bit odd with him given how he doesn’t act like a greyhound at times, but that’s part of his charm. He has a good heart and enjoys being a companion. There are those times where he wants to lay at your feet, and others where he’s content to be in the other room on a bed. Even though we’ve had some issues in the crate (where he wants to pee on his neighbor) we think he would do fine on his own. But it might not hurt to invest in a belly band or two to help during his transition from foster to forever home. He’s done really well with our pack, but it seems that he would do equally as well being the center of attention and an only dog. Despite being an odd duck he’s been fun to have around and will provide a lot of entertainment for the right person/people.

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