DC Sweet Charity

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Pet Name: Charity
Gender: Female
Color: Black
Birthday: November 24, 2013
Sire: Yahoo Omar
Dam: Token Lady A
Cats: Not Cat Safe
Sponsor: Nicholas Hite

Charity was just recently returned and retired to AFG in 2018 after 111 races!  Charity can sometimes have space issues and need a family that will respect her space.  Could you be the special home Charity is looking for??

Charity has been in foster care twice, about a year apart in our home. Charity did have some space issues in her adoptive home that we have not seen here, but she does have some special considerations in how she is touched and approached. She is a sweet happy girl who loves attention and affection in her own way. She is a HUGE leaner and when standing behind me, she will put what seems to be the full weight of her body behind my legs when I’m standing, working in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes. Even when I’m getting ready in the morning in the bathroom, she will be leaning against the back of my legs or will want to lay on the floor by me! In that way, she is like velcro! She loves to be petted and have her body rubbed while I kneel at her side and will lean into me, however she prefers to have her face away and will often have her head pointed down while she closes her eyes and just enjoys the massage. She also will burrow her head in your hands if you pet her while you’re seated, but she does not look up much so we don’t put our faces into hers. However, when you call her cheerily and she comes to you, she often comes with tail wagging and to plant some kisses on your face!

Charity loves to be in the same room where you are, but she does not necessarily need to be right with you either. She is not a dog who likes people to be in her face or to attempt to lay with her or on her. I’ve noticed that she will lick her lips if she becomes uncomfortable with someone getting too close to her in this way, will move away or put her paws up. She has not offered warning growls as some dogs might so we look for those other cues. Again, we always approach her from the side and not face first. When coming up behind her, I always call her hame first. She does seem to enjoy belly rubs sometimes and will open up her chest when she wants that. Since she has been in foster care (both times) she has not demonstrated any aggressive behavior.

Don’t want a dog to be on your furniture? Well that would be Miss Charity! To avoid causing any problems related to her space issues, Charity is not allowed on the human couch or bed. When she first returned to foster care, she did try to get on the couch a few times, but she was easily redirected to a nice, comfy dog bed and seems quite content with that and has not tried to get on our couches or bed for weeks. Another reason to keep her off of the furniture, is that Charity may have exhibited some sleep startle in the past although we have not seen that in foster care. She is a very DEEP sleeper. We have never heard a greyhound snore so loud! So anytime we are about to approach her or walk near her, we call her name first and make sure she is awake before touching her.

Charity gets her teeth brushed regularly and she tolerates this very well. She is also used to getting her ears cleaned because they do tend to get a bit dirty. For precautionary purposes, her muzzle can be used while doing this. She does well with getting her nails trimmed at the groomers and like with our other hounds, we have the muzzle on her for that.

Charity really is a super sweet, happy girl her loves to be with her humans, but her adoptive family will need to be willing to follow the guidelines described here.


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