DS C Ya Sprint

In Foster Home Requires Fence No Children
Pet Name: Sprint
Gender: Female
Color: White & Black
Birthday: May 14, 2012
Sire: EM's Mac Attack
Dam: Tipp Femme
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Vicki Ziel

Sprint just retired to AFG after an impressive career of 263 races!!!  She’s now ready to hang up her racing silk and retire to a couch!  She is a new retiree we are still learning about.  Could Sprint be the hound for you??


Sprint is a happy bouncy girl who will constantly bump your elbow/leg/side for hugs and kisses. Once she gets to know you, that is. Like most shy dogs, Sprint is very reserved around people she doesn’t know, and in situations that are new to her. Once she settles into her new home tho, watch out! She’s a completely different girl. 🙂
Sprint has a lot of playful energy, she loves to run around the back yard and usually tries to initiate a playful game of “bow and chase”.
She’s always looking for the next time she’s going to get some pets and kisses, and isn’t afraid to stoop to begging/bumping and playing up her smile to get what she wants.
Sprint is a follower, she often looks to the other grey in the house for leadership when they encounter something new. She’d probably do best in a home that already has a dog she can fall in line with.
She gets along great with the cats she’s rooming with in her foster home, and mostly ignores them. She doesn’t have food or toy aggression, and takes very little correction when she’s done something naughty.
She loves her yard, to play and run in, but mostly it’s important to have for relieving herself. She doesn’t like to potty on the lead, and prefers to have the freedom to go off by herself and potty in private.
Sprint is always showing new sides to her personality, and she’s a joy to have in her foster home. She’s loving, attentive, happy… she just takes a little time to get there, but she’s worth the investment!

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