In Foster Home Prison Dog
Pet Name: DeDee
Gender: Female
Color: White & Brindle Tick
Birthday: April 7, 2014
Sire: Djays Octane
Dam: Philly Soul
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Richard Cvetan

DeDee just retired to AFG after 148 races and after graduating from The Greyhound Inmate Experience!  She has recently been returned through no fault of her own.  DeDee has decided that her next home will have to have another canine present.  Could DeDee be the hound for you??

Update 4/24/19

Dee was recently returned due to having some separation anxieties. It is looking like she will need another dog at minimum to live with. We also feel that she would be best in a family home with kids. She is so incredibly sweet and loving, and she thoroughly enjoys being with her humans. She seems to thrive on a busier type of atmosphere so a home with kids should suit her well. To be clear, Dee does not need somebody to be home with her all day long. Despite her recent woes, Dee’s transition back to our house has been seamless. There have been no issues with her wanting to go into her crate, she sleeps fine at night in our room, and when watching her on our home camera she is peaceful in her crate while we’re gone. It honestly is like she never left.  It might take a little longer for her to find the right home, but when she does it will be worth the wait.

Dee did go through the prison program. From what her notes said she wasn’t the best pupil and probably passed with Cs & Ds, but they get degrees! She definitely has no problem sitting when she thinks you have a treat for her. It might take a bit more work with her to keep on her other commands, but with practice she perform them all.  DeeDee has come a long way since first coming into our home. She admittedly was a bit of a challenge of first, but now that she has figured out her way around the house she’s been a joy to have. We have learned a few more things about her and wanted to update her progress.

Dee is decidedly a people person. While she’s been doing great in our pack she likely would do just fine on her own so that she can be the center of attention. There are times when she will push the other dogs out of the way if she feels that you aren’t paying enough attention to her. There have been a few times where she’ll get up and give a short growl to one of our hounds if we have food. You will forever have a shadow with her. She can whine and carry on for a bit if she can’t be in the same room as you. If we go upstairs/downstairs and she isn’t allowed to follow she will make her displeasure known. After a few minutes she tends to give up and settles down. After getting our first thunderstorm of the year we have found that she is not a fan of them. Although she doesn’t freak out any worse than some of our other hounds she does spook a bit. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to phase her at all. On in-homes and meet & greets Dee has been a bit aloof. She gets caught up checking out her surroundings and tends to have her focus all over the place. Back at home she is definitely more focused on her humans.

We did have potty issues with her in the beginning but she’s gotten past that. On walks she likes to be a marker and has no issues going on lead. Because of that she would do fine in a home without a fence, especially since you will know for sure when she goes. There are times where she’s quick to want back in the house but hasn’t finished her business, so you have to read her cues and give her enough time. Eventually she might be able to be trusted to be left loose during the day, but if you have no plans to crate your hound(s) then we do not think Dee will be a good fit. There would likely be accidents and since she’s come so far it would be a shame for her to start all over. She has no problems crating while we are at work. We’ve caught her roaching on our dog room camera, so she’s comfortable in her space. She is, however, quite vocal when you get home. If a velociraptor and a cow had a baby, and said veloci-cow got its tail caught in a door, it would sound something like Dee does when she knows your home. It’s just her being excited, and when she comes out of her crate she is a bouncing bundle of joy that can’t help but make you feel good.

Dee will likely thrive in any environment. Being with her people is what matters most to her and she thoroughly enjoys being by your side. She will need a family that is willing to be patient with her in the beginning as she adjusts. Once she settles in you will be rewarded with a really loving and adorable girl.



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