Rico’s Lucchese

In Foster Home No Children
Pet Name: Luke
Gender: Male
Color: Red Fawn
Birthday: 03/04/2013
Sire: BD's Grayson
Dam: Flying Burgandy
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Duncan and Gigi; Wade S.

Luke is adjusting well to retirement and would love to have someone to spend it with.  While he is currently in a home with multiple dogs, Luke would prefer to have the home all to himself, but he will do just fine with another dog.  He is a quiet guy, that would love to have a nice quiet home without children to enjoy his retirement.  Luke is not a social butterfly, but would rather stick close to home and stretch out and sleep. 

The honest truth about Luke is that he is a really lovey guy when he’s in the mood, and when he wants to be a stubborn he needs somebody to tell he can’t do that. He’s not a shy guy, but at the same time he’s cautious of new environments. His signals are pretty clear and easy to pick up making it easier to learn when he’s okay or when he might be getting a little stressed. He was fairly reserved when he first came to our house, but since he’s been with us for a few weeks he has opened up and become much more comfortable. If he’s a grump we just put his muzzle on and let him go stew for a bit. The good thing with Luke is that he knows when he’s been bad and wants to make things right.

The main thing with Luke is that he is protective of his space and he needs that to be respected, but within reason. While we respect his space, he is learning how to share his space successfully.  He was in a home once before, but was returned due to it not being the right environment for him. Because of this he will be better off in a home with no children at all or be in their late teens. Since sudden noises/movements tend to startle him from sleep he is not somebody that should be a couch buddy to cuddle with. He will try to get up on our couch from time to time but when we catch him we make him get down right away. He quite enjoys a slumberball to curl up in.

Luke is a very sweet boy. He’s just going to need a family that can respect his space when he wants it, that can be firm with him when he tries to push the boundaries, and a family that isn’t looking for a hound to jet-set around the world with. Luke is definitely enjoying the retired life and is perfectly happy to be a homebody.

Although Luke has a few rough edges he’ll be a great boy for the family willing to take time to work with him. Luke retired to AFG after 45 races.  

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Rico’s Lucchese — Luke

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