Teddy B Quick

In Foster Home
Pet Name: Teddy
Gender: Male
Color: Red Fawn
Birthday: September 1, 2016
Sire: Flying Coal City
Dam: Mustang Cat
Cats: Safe
Sponsor: Sponsorship available

Teddy has 29 races to race credit.  He still new to AFG and we getting to know each other.  Would this fella fit into your life?

Meet Teddy! He is a big guy with a huge heart! Teddy is doing awesome in a home with 2 other greys, 1 chihuahua and 3 cats. Also two kids! Teddy hasn’t ever shown interest in the cats and has no problems with the other dogs. When out of the house he is timid upon seeing other animals – he will try to back or pull away from them. He is totally fine after intros though. Teddy acts a bit like a bull in a china shop – he is just big and gets so excited! When he crowds me or the other pets he backs of easily with a no and holding my hand out, but needs the occasional water spray. 

People, people are what Teddy loves. Well, them and food! Teddy could do well as an only dog or in group. His focus is on his people, he hasn’t played much with toys or the other dogs here. He sticks to me like velcro – he has to help me with everything – I mean everything! Teddy reminds me of a lab – he is a bit in your face! He is in a home where I do not leave for work – so he is not crated a ton or on too strict of a schedule for potty breaks. Teddy is still figuring out potty training. He isn’t quite sure how to ask – so if he has to go, he just goes. He is not a marker though, so that is nice! When I put Teddy out to potty I often have to force him out the door and he will try to rush. This causes him to not empty his tanks and leads to accidents. He is picking the routine up more each day though! 

Teddy is a chewer, mostly when he is bored. He does have a love for kids stuffed animals and has destroyed a few! So far he doesn’t care much for dog toys or even bones. He LOVES food though. He is one of those guys that is always hungry, after he eats his food he checks all the other dogs dishes, sees if the trash is open and if we left anything out on the table or counter. He has not shown any food aggression towards other animals or people. Teddy crates well while we are gone and over night. Has shown no signs of separation issues when crated for several hours and no potty accidents in crate. He walks on a leash like a pro and my teen can walk him no problem. We discipline with a stern no and/or a spray of water. He responds great and is learning quickly. 

Teddy is really a big, goofy, 90 pound doofus! He loves people and is a great boy for almost anyone. He does great with my kids (8yr and 13yr) and has done good with younger children. He does NOT realize his size and he will knock even me off my feet if i’m not paying attention. I think he would do great with kids but you need to remember he is big – he will knock them down accidentally and then plow over them when he is excited. He does calm down and turns into a typical couch potato – just as long as he is near you!

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